Robin Schmidt | Writer, Director

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Robin Schmidt is an award winning English writer/director working in drama, comedy and the occasional music video.

He won the Bahamas 14 Islands film competition in 2010 and was named ‘One to Watch’ by Moviescope magazine. He started life as a classical musician, singing and playing piano and violin before changing tack suddenly to work in films. He set up Chrome Productions in 2002 and worked his way through extreme sports films, fac ent TV, commercials and lots of other daft productions along the way before leaving the company to go freelance in 2010.

After winning the Bahamas competition he was taken on by Canon as a pro ‘envoy’ for a year and became well-known as a DSLR blogger, unpicking the difficulties of shooting with the equipment with his site registering 30k plus impressions every month. He converted that success into a year long contract for a luxury resort brand in Mauritius, designing and implementing a content marketing strategy for them. At the same time his comedy work was blowing up with collaborator Simon Wan and their web series Stenderz led to them being regularly featured on the Fearne Cotton show, being headhunted by photographer Rankin, featured in Hunger Magazine and hired to present the HungerPod.

In 2013, Robin moved squarely into long form drama directing:

AfterDeath is his debut feature film and is a co-directing gig with fellow Chrome alumnus Gez Medinger due for release in 2014. He followed that up with a 40 minute martial arts love story, Dog which is now being turned into a graphic novel. He is developing two new feature projects, The Life in Your Hands and the Last Flight alongside a feature-length version of DOG.

Robin is a skilled multi-hyphenate, happy shooting, directing, writing, editing, performing and doing bis own VFX.